How to use damp braids to achieve wavy hair

If you’re one of those rare breeds with exceptionally smooth hair, your mane may not hold bouncy waves and curls very well. Watch this easy-to-follow video to learn how you can get wavy locks that’ll last from morning to night. All you need to do to achieve this hairstyle is to place several braids around your head and dampen them with water.
If your hair adapts to this style, consider suspending your current flat-ironing routine to prevent further unnecessary damage to your strands. If giving up on hot tools is not an option, though, alternate both methods into your hair regimen.
- Hair clips
- Clear hair ties
- Spray bottle with water
- Blow dryer
- Hair spray or texture spray
1. Weave braids all over your head using the three-strand braid technique. Use medium to large portions of hair for the braids.
2. Secure the end of each braid with a clear hair tie.
3. Spray each braid with water.
4. Scrunch and twist the braids with your hands while drying your hair with the blow dryer. Try using hair spray or texture spray to enhance the look.
5. Repeat step 4 if necessary to ensure strands are completely dry.
6. Remove the hair ties and gently undo your braids. Fluff up your hair for a more effortless look.
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