Turn blunt bangs into wispy bangs at home

Have you ever longed for thick blunt bangs only to find yourself less than thrilled a month or two later? It happens to everyone: committing to a hairstyle is harder than committing to a single shade of nail polish. If your full fringe has left you craving a new look, then change it up by texturizing and giving those bangs more movement.
Thinning or texturizing can be intimidating, but with the right tools and a slow pace, it can be done at home successfully. The key is to trim small sections at a time, so that the thickness isn't thinned exclusively in one place. Depending on the thickness of your bangs, start by clipping up the hair in three sections. The video shows how this is done, so watch it all the way through a few times before picking up those scissors. And for the best results, make sure your hair is clean and fully dry before trimming.
- Rattail comb
- Hair clamps
- Hair cutting comb
- Hair cutting scissors
- Texturizing spray or hair spray, as desired
Fierce League
1. Secure all of the hair in a bun or ponytail so that the bangs are isolated.
2. Divide the bangs into three horizontal sections by using the rattail comb. Clip two sections out of the way, so the front layer of hair is ready to trim. Cutting small sections will help you control the process.
3. Lift the hair with your fingers, then allow it to fall evenly into the wide side of the cutting comb.
4. Hold the scissors so that they are parallel to the hair strands. The pointed ends should be aimed toward the comb. Carefully snip into the hair in a vertical motion to remove small pieces while keeping the length as is.
5. Repeat by repositioning the scissors and trimming in the areas that are more dense. Tip: If the hair doesn't hang straight, just angle the scissors so they follow the natural direction of the hair.
6. When the first layer is complete, release the next hair clamp and repeat the steps until all of the bangs have been thinned.
7. If the bangs still feel too heavy, section the hair into three layers once more, and repeat the trimming process.
8. Spray the bangs with hair spray or texturizing spray, as desired, and work the product into the hair to create the finished look.
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