How to create adorable wiener dog nails

If you're an animal lover, you want the world to know it. Some animal fans express that love in the clothes they wear, while others show it with accessories like bracelet charms or phone cases. However, if none of those displays are your style, there's a more subtle and comedic way to show the love, and it will make you smile every time you look at your nails.
Simple and fun to create, this wieiner dog nail look is like a mini-puzzle on your hands. Leaving your thumb out of it, you paint your other four fingers so they join together to form a dog. It's a look that doesn't require strong artistic skills, but takes more of a light heart and a good sense of humor to get the most out of it. You can do it with any animal and in any color, but wiener dogs are just too funny to miss.
- White gel polish
- Black gel polish
- Peach gel polish
- Brown gel polish
- Gel top coat
- Striper brush
- Dotting tool
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of white gel polish.
2. Using the striper brush and the peach gel polish, begin painting a rough outline of the wiener dog's body, starting with the dog's head on your index finger and ending with dog's rear on your pinky fingernail.
3. Color in the body of the dog with a thick layer of the peach tone polish. It will be the only layer of this you apply, so make sure the color is distributed evenly.
4. After cleaning your striper brush, dip it in the black gel polish and carefully trace along the outline of the weiner dog to give it a bolder border. This can also help to hide any small mistakes made during step 2.
5. Give the wiener dog an eye and a nose using the dotting tool and black gel polish.
6. For fun, use the striper brush to add a thin smile on the pup's face. You can also flare out the eye more and draw a line from the eye to near the back of the head to make it seem like the dog is wearing a fun pair of sunglasses.
7. With a clean striper brush, take the brown gel polish and add different size spots to the dog's coat.
8. Apply a top coat after everything has dried and bask in the cuteness!
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