How to cut side swept bangs

One of the quickest ways to create a youthful appearance is to add some bangs to your current hairstyle. Not only do they emphasize the eyes, but they also hide any little lines and wrinkles that may be starting to appear on your forehead. If wearing full or blunt bangs doesn't appeal to you, then this side swept style may be a better fit.
Cutting bangs can be tricky, and it's not something everyone wants to try. But if you're careful with the scissors and proceed with a plan, it's doable. Unlike trimming, which is usually done when the hair is fully dry, it's best to initially cut bangs while the hair is damp. This helps the hair lay properly, so you can see where to cut.
Before beginning, watch this tutorial all the way through. Watching it twice isn't a bad idea either. Be sure to double- and triple-check your hand and scissor placement before making the initial cut. And remember, hair tends to shrink up when dry, so leave the bangs a little long to avoid cutting them too short.
- Hair elastic
- Spray bottle with water
- Hair cutting combs
- Hair cutting scissors
- Hair dryer
Fierce League
1. Pull the majority of the hair back, and secure it with a hair elastic so the bangs hang loose in front.
2. Spritz the bangs thoroughly with water from the spray bottle. Wet hair is easier to cut.
3. Comb through the hair to make sure it is laying as straight as possible.
4. For side swept bangs that are shortest on the right, hold the comb at a diagonal angle with the top near your right temple and the bottom angled down toward your chin on the left side.
5. Direct the hair toward the right by using your fingers and the comb. Try to keep the hair close to your forehead, then hold the hair where you want the bangs to stop. Cut the hair below the fingers with the scissors. Tip: If you want the right to left angle to be dramatic, angle your scissors diagonally. The steeper the scissor angle, the more dramatic the angle of the hair will be.
6. Blow dry the bangs fully.

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