How to trim and taper bangs with a middle part

Growing out short bangs is a long process, and it's not always easy to get an appointment with a stylist for a quick trim. Although it's generally best to have a professional do the job to ensure everything goes well, minor trimming can be done at home if you have a steady hand and a good plan.
One way to make bangs look less choppy as they're growing out is to trim the hair that surrounds your face. This works well, especially if you have a square jawline or a wide face because it creates face-framing texture and eliminates the obvious gap between the bangs and the longer hair.
If you usually part your hair down the middle and want to blend the bangs into the hair that frames your face, this tutorial will show you how to do it. Don't just grab scissors and start hacking, though. Watch the video all the way through once or twice before beginning. This technique works best on clean, dry hair.
- Flat iron
- Rattail comb
- Hair clamps
- Hair cutting comb
- Hair scissors
Fierce League
1. Turn on the flat iron so it will be warm when needed.
2. Part your hair in the middle, and use the rattail comb to section the hair just in front of your ear. Clamp the front section up and repeat on the other side.
3. Secure the loose hair in the back with another hair clamp. This will prevent you from accidentally trimming hair that should remain long.
4. Release the clamp on one side, and use the rattail comb to divide your hair into two sections, leaving a small section right near your face. Clamp the remaining hair up and out of the way.
5. Use the flat iron to smooth the loose hair from root to tip. Release the clamp and iron the upper section of hair in the same way; repeat these steps on the other side. (Tip: By smoothing small sections of hair instead of one large chunk, the hair will lay flatter and be ready to trim.)
6. Comb through each side by running the cutting comb underneath the hair to make sure all of it is smooth and straight.
7. Run the comb through the right side of the hair until it nears the ends to achieve a graduated angle. Hold the very end of the hair and trim the hair in an angular motion. (Tip: Keep your head straight when cutting and trim only a small amount at a time. You can always cut more later, but only time and patience will lengthen it again.)
8. Repeat the comb-through trimming motion with any additional hair on the right side, and repeat these steps on the left.

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