Use this sugaring technique to upgrade nude nails to pure beauty

With this video tutorial and step-by-step instructions, you can learn how to do a salon-quality nail sugaring technique. Create the stunning nude nail and sparkle accents look shown below any time you want. All the needed materials and tools are listed below as well as a demonstration of the process.
Be the star of the show when you premiere your bedazzled nails and artistic talents. What are you waiting for? Grab those paints and glitter and get your glam on!
1. Flat nail brush (1)
2. Detailing nail brush (1)
3. Nail polish: nude (1)
4. Nail polish: periwinkle blue (1)
5. Nail glitter: clear (1 container)
6. Nail gems: clear (14)
7. Top coat-gel polish (1)
8. A nail brush and plastic tray (1 each)
1. Begin with a clean, flat nail brush. Apply two coats of nude nail polish.
Fierce League
2. For the nails that will have no glitter, apply one gem to the tip of each nail. Center and straighten the gem with the dotter tool.
Fierce League
3. Cover the nude-colored nails (with a gem) with one layer of top coat to set.
4. For the nails that will be bedazzled in glitter, use a clean, flat nail brush and apply the blue nail polish to the tip of the nail. Extend the blue color halfway up the nail bed.
Fierce League
5. With the detailing brush, blend the lines between the nude and blue colors using gentle sweeping motions. Touch up any areas as needed with the blue and nude polishes before moving on to the next step.
Fierce League
6. Using the non-wipe top coat, apply a layer of top coat over the ombre (blue and nude) nail.
Fierce League
7. Next, apply three gems down the center of the nail bed. Use the dotter tool to straighten the gems and align to the center of the nail.
Fierce League
8. Next, place the ombré nail over the plastic tray and dust the entire nail with glitter.
Fierce League
9. Using the nail brush, lightly brush off excess glitter onto the tray.
Fierce League
Fierce League
10. Apply one layer of non-wipe top coat to seal your glam.
Fierce League

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