Create a quick party look with a stacked ponytail updo

Festive hairstyles don't have to require a lot of effort or a trip to the salon. This pretty updo consists of three sideswept ponytails that are stacked on top of one another, but that's not all. Each ponytail is twisted back on itself, which gives the final look volume and flair.
This hair style is easy to master. Since the ponytails are set off to the side slightly, the finished look will fall just over your shoulder instead of down the center of your back. Add a few curls and a decorative pin, and you'll have a party-ready style in minutes.
- Hair brush (not shown)
- Hair elastics
- Hair clamps
- Heat protection spray (optional)
- Curling iron
- Decorative hair pin
- Hair spray
Fierce League
1. Brush through the hair to make sure it is smooth and tangle-free.
2. Divide the hair into three sections and then secure each one with a hair elastic. Use a hair clamp to keep the upper two sections out of the way while you work.
3. Begin with the lowest section of hair. Pull the hair elastic down slightly, so there is about an inch of room between your scalp and the elastic band.
4. Insert your first finger and your thumb through the hair from the underneath side, and then lift the ponytail up and pull it through with your fingers. This will give the hair a twisted appearance. Tip: Tighten the hair elastic again after you've created the twist.
5. Repeat this step with the middle ponytail and then the top ponytail.
6. Clamp the upper ponytails out of the way, then divide the hair in the bottom ponytail in half, and curl each section with the curling iron. Tip: To protect your hair from heat damage, spritz a small amount of heat protection spray on the hair before curling it.
7. Repeat step six by dividing and curling each ponytail.
8. Insert a decorative pin above the top ponytail for extra glamour.
9. Mist the hair with hair spray to help the hairstyle stay in place.
Enjoy this updated hair-do style!