5+ hairstyles you can do in under two minutes

Unfortunately, even with all the scientific breakthroughs over the years, no one has discovered how to create extra time. If doing your hair doesn't exactly thrill you, or if you'd prefer to sleep a few extra minutes each day, then having several fast styling options is imperative.
These five hairstyles look great and take just a few minutes to create. Skip the blow dryer and flat iron, and get ready for some innovative buns and ponytail styles. Even if you're all thumbs, you'll master these pretty hairdos on the first try.
1. Twisted crown with a twisted bun
No time to curl or craft a complicated braid? No problem. Just create two ponytails, twist them back onto themselves, and add a few three-strand braids. All three effects come together in a low bun for a simple but sophisticated style. Get the tutorial here.
2. Pompadour with messy bun
If you have thick hair, or just lots of it, the pompadour can get it all under control. Tease the hair at the crown to give it extra volume, then roll it away from the forehead like a wave. Once you have the front section complete, combine the rest of the hair in a high bun, and you'll be good to go. Get the tutorial here.
3. Dutch braid pigtails
This chic look is simple and can be executed under 2 minutes. The key difference between French braids and Dutch braids is that French braids cross over when Dutch braids cross under. Get the full tutorial here.
Fierce League
4. Pulled-back knotted ponytail
If mastering a fancy braid is still on your to-do list, this style will make your day. Hair knots may sound like a nightmare, but tying knots with your hair is an easy way to achieve a pulled-together look in a few minutes. Just pull your hair back, make three knots, and secure everything with an elastic band. This look is quick, simple, and stylish. Get the tutorial here.
5. Hair-wrapped headband
Headbands make quick work of off-the-face styles, but what if you don't want your headband to show? Hide it easily by wrapping your hair around it in small sections. This cute look will leave your coworkers guessing how you pulled it off. Get the tutorial here.
6. Bubble ponytail
If a high ponytail just feels too boring, jazz it up. Place a few clear hair elastics at varying intervals down the length of the ponytail. To create extra volume, hold the elastic and tug the hair up gently to fan it out. You'll have volume, dimension, and a whole new attitude in no time. Get the tutorial here.
7. Pull-through braid ponytail
This pretty ponytail braid looks complicated, but you'll master it in no time. All you need are elastic hair bands, a hair clamp and a little bit of patience. Pull-though braids aren't really braids at all, but anyone who sees this look will wonder how you did it. Get the tutorial here.
Fierce League
Now sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee. After all, you've earned a few minutes for yourself after saving time with these quick hairstyles.

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