How to rock a long, mohawk updo

In case you need a refresher course, the mohawk is a hairstyle with both sides of the head shaved bare except for a strip of hair at the center. Before you protest that you can't cut off your hair, you should know this updo doesn’t require shorn locks, just some dry shampoo for added texture and perhaps an edgier disposition. The video below teaches you how to rock the perfect ponytail-meets-mohawk look.
Mohawks have a reputation as an intimidating hairstyle, but the hybrid style featured on this video is incredibly simple to recreate. It's part ponytail, part, mohawk updo, but all stylish and simple. You’ll wonder why you took so long to jump onboard the mohawk bandwagon!
- Dry shampoo
- Boar bristle brush
- Hair spray
- Hair pins
- Hair ties
- Decorative hair clip (preferably one that’s rocker-inspired)
1. Spray dry shampoo on the top section of your hair.
2. Tease your strands with the boar bristle brush, leaving the side and back sections of hair loose. This step helps create more volume for your imitation mohawk.
3. Use hair spray to smooth any flyaways.
4. Gather the top section of your hair and shape it until you’re satisfied with the result. You can use the brush and hair spray to further polish the look at this stage.
5. Crisscross two pins to secure your strands.
6. Use the brush to tease both sides of your hair.
7. Place two vertical ponytails at the back of your head and tease them with the brush.
8. Take the hair on both sides of your head and smooth it out with the brush. Pull the strands toward the two ponytails in the back. Remember to pin your hair as close to the ponytails as possible.
9. Insert the hair clip into your hair and rock out.
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