How to paint glitter sugar paw print

If a pampered pooch or spoiled feline has won your heart, it's totally appropriate to let the world know. Use nail art as a cute but subtle way to show off your love for a pet. Paint one or multiple nails with paw print designs.
It's kind of comical to hear people say that their pets "walk all over them." This nail art design takes the expression to a whole other level. Let friends and coworkers pause to look at all the little paw prints on those shiny white nails.
- Nail art brush
- Mission Control Fizz
- Presto color gel #173
- Dotting tool
- Orly Gel FX Easy-Off Basecoat
- Pink glitter nail powder
- Nail powder brush
Fierce League
1. Dip a nail art brush in Mission Control Fizz.
2. Paint all nails white.
3. Allow paint to dry.
4. Dip a dotting tool in Presto color gel #173.
3. Paint a small upside-down pink heart on the nail. The two loops on the top of the heart should face away from the body.
4. Make four dots with the dotting tool above the bottom of the heart. The dots should appear oval in shape and arch around the bottom of the heart.
4. Allow the paint to dry. The pink pattern should now resemble a paw print.
5. Apply Orly Gel FX Easy-Off Basecoat to the pink paw print.
6. Allow the basecoat to dry.
7. Dip a nail powder brush in pink glitter nail powder.
8. Shake the brush directly over the nail to release powder on paw prints.
9. Blot excess powder with a tissue or cloth.
10. Create additional paw print designs on multiple nails.

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