How to create rainbow nails with clouds

Winter weather can be dark and dreary, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait until spring for a rainbow to appear. This cheerful design features one perfect rainbow and lots of white, puffy clouds. It’s a great way to perk up your manicure routine and bring a host of colors into play.
The video shows how to plot the key points on the rainbow. The process makes it easier to connect the dots and achieve the perfect arch. After that, just add a new color next to the one that came before it. And since this pretty rainbow doesn’t touch the ground, there’s a little white cloud at each end. If you can paint a flower using a dotting tool, then clouds will be a piece of cake.
- Pale blue gel nail polish
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Red gel nail paint
- Fine detail nail art brush
- Orange gel nail paint
- Yellow gel nail paint
- Green gel nail paint
- Blue gel nail paint
- White gel nail paint
- Dotting tool
- Glitter gel nail polish
- Loose nail glitter
- Flat nail art brush
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of pale-blue polish to each nail, curing the nails between coats with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Paint white clouds on the nails by using the dotting tool. Cure the nails to set the paint.
3. Paint three red dots on the middle nail as if you’re plotting a triangle. These will help you create the rainbow shape. Use the fine detail brush to join the dots and form the curved shape.
4. Create the next semicircle of color by applying a thin layer of orange paint just inside the red shape.
5. Paint a yellow semicircle inside the orange one.
6. Paint a green semicircle inside the yellow one, then finish the rainbow with a blue semicircle next to the green. Cure with the lamp before painting the clouds.
7. Paint a cloud at each end of the rainbow by using the dotting tool and white gel nail paint. Cure with the lamp.
8. Sweep a small amount of glitter gel polish from the cloud to the nail tip.
9. Dip the flat nail art brush in loose glitter, then apply it on top of the glitter polish. Cure the nails once more.
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