7+ lazy girl hair hacks that actually work

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Some girls are happy to spend lots of time styling their hair so it looks just right. Others take a more minimalist approach, spending the least amount of time possible. The hair styling hacks below are designed to help girls who prefer to be lazy about fixing hair so they can spend their time doing other things.
Turn a sock into a hair donut
If you’re strapped for cash or just don’t have enough time to run to a beauty store to buy a hair donut, don't stress. You can make one with a few simple items from around the house, such as a sock. Get the tutorial here.
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Add a scarf to up your ponytail game
Whoever invented the ponytail did the world a favor. Busy days, casual weekends and hot weather provide ample opportunities to get hair up and out of the way quickly. But what do you do when a standard ponytail just isn't enough? There's a quick and easy way to change up a basic look – tying on a scarf or bandana. See how it's done in this tutorial.
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Add a hidden butterfly clip for a fuller ponytail
How do you get a fuller-looking ponytail without the work? If you're out of bobby pins, a hidden butterfly clip will also do the trick. Tuck the clip underneath the ponytail so it's out of sight.
Use a hands-free dryer
When time is of the essence and you need fast help for your tresses, try this hands-free dryer. This device can also be used as a regular blow-dryer as well and dries hair faster than a normal one.
Put in spin pins to hold up buns
Have you heard of spiral spin pins? They're easier to use than bobby pins for keeping hair in a bun, whether you have thick or thin hair.
Dry shampoo before bed
Greasy locks are a downer for anyone, so do yourself a favor and shoot some dry shampoo over your mane before you catch some zzz's. This allows the shampoo to work its magic as you sleep, soaking up any oils overnight so you wake up with fresh hair that's ready to go. It's like hair voodoo! ​
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Fake a fuller ponytail with the double-ponytail method
There's a super-easy way to fake a fuller ponytail without any teasing or product in your hair: Do one ponytail over the other. Section off the top part of your hair for the top side of the ponytail, and hide the bottom ponytail underneath.
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Here's the final result:
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Tame flyaways with a toothbrush and hairspray
You finally achieved the perfect ponytail! But what about those baby hairs escaping your smooth, polished pony? Don't let those babies get you down. Fight back and show them who's boss with a little hairspray and a toothbrush.
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