Use silver nail charms to create a gold and blue beach manicure

When the weather turns dreary, it’s common to daydream about an ocean vacation. There’s nothing more enticing than a pristine sandy beach with clear blue water and a warm breeze. It’s not always possible to drop everything and head to the tropics, but this ocean-inspired manicure will wash away those island blues.
This beach design uses jelly polish, which gets its name from the type of finish it leaves behind. Unlike standard opaque polish, jelly polish is translucent, which makes it perfect for simulating the watery ocean floor. While the tutorial isolates this design to a single nail, you can change up the combination any way you like.
- Gold metallic gel nail polish
- Blue jelly gel nail polish
- Flat nail art brush
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Silver metallic gel nail paint
- Gold glitter
- Fluffy art brush
- Builder nail gel
- Wooden toothpicks
- Silver ocean-inspired nail charms
- Sealer nail gel
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of gold nail polish to the nails with the flat nail art brush. Then, cure them with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Paint a single layer of silver metallic gel nail paint over one of the gold nails. Leave a portion of the nail closest to the cuticle unpainted. Then, cure with the lamp.
3. Cover the silver paint with two thin layers of blue jelly polish, curing in between layers with the lamp. The color will be translucent.
4. Dip the fluffy brush into the loose gold glitter, and deposit it onto the gold portion of the blue and gold nail.
5. Apply a dab of builder nail gel to the middle of the nail with a wooden toothpick. This will create a sticky base for the nail charms.
6. Put nail charms on the nail, and move them into place with the toothpick. Then, cure with the lamp.
7. Apply a single coat of clear sealer gel to the entire nail, and cure once more.
Stay pretty!

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