How to choose the best flat iron temperature and plates for your hair type

All hair types are beautiful, but different textures require different levels of care. If you have a coarser texture, you might need to increase the temperature on the flat iron to achieve sleeker results. In this case, flat irons with titanium plates are your best bet; the metals transfer heat at a faster rate and can reach a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
People with nonresistant hair types tend to have finer strands and often fare better with lower temperatures. If you fall into that category, then ceramic plates will be gentler on your hair. You may also want to consider looking into tourmaline plates. They’re made of crystalline minerals and counteract frizz and fly-away strands.
Typically, low heat settings range from 200 to 300 degrees, medium settings fall somewhere between 300 to 375 degrees and high heat settings begin at the 410-degree mark. Remember: Just because your hair is curly doesn’t mean it’s resistant to heat. If you need to go over a section of hair several times with the flat iron before the hair relaxes, it means you have a resistant hair type.
- Hair clips
- Paddle brush
- Fine-tooth comb
- Titanium flat iron
- Heat protection spray (optional)
- Ceramic flat iron
- Hair spray
1. If you have resistant hair, you’ll have a much easier time straightening strands with a titanium flat iron.
2. Begin by clipping your hair into several sections, leaving the back section loose.
3. Use the paddle brush to smooth the section of hair before you begin the flat ironing process.
4. Glide the fine-tooth comb in conjunction with the titanium flat iron down your strands.
5. It’s always best to use a heat protection spray or serum that is specifically designed for flat ironing hair. Flat irons are a direct form of heat, which means they can be far more damaging to hair than the diffused heat you get from a blow dryer.
6. Continue the same process until you've completely straightened your hair. If you’re touching up an existing style, lower the temperature setting on the flat iron.
7. If your hair is fine or color-treated, a ceramic flat iron would be ideal because it doesn't run the risk of overheating.
8. Ceramic plates can heat up to 410 degrees, so you should also consider lowering the temperature if you plan to touch up an existing style.
9. Flat iron hair with the ceramic flat iron while gliding the fine-tooth comb from root to end. The process should go a lot faster if your hair is on the finer side. Repeat on each strand of hair until you've straightened everything.
10. Use hair spray to seal the style, and you’re done.
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