How to paint a gingerbread lovers nail design

Is there anything cuter than watching two lovers standing side by side? Well, yes, if they’re made entirely of a favorite cookie recipe: gingerbread. This sweetheart-inspired nail design tutorial is quick and easy to recreate. All you’ll need to do is round up a few nail tools and perhaps a lit candle to support the romantic vibes.
You may choose to display one gingerbread lover on each nail, or abandon uniformity by alternating the designs. If your nail bed is on the roomier side, you can even feature both lovers on a single nail. The possibilities to get creative with this project are endless.
- White gel nail polish
- Brown gel nail polish
- Dotting tool
- Striping brush
- Red gel nail polish
- Green gel nail polish
- Purple gel nail polish
1. Start with a white gel nail polish as your base coat.
2. Dip the dotting tool into the brown gel polish and draw a gingerbread shape on your nail. Examine the video to learn how to do the design justice.
3. Use the dotting tool and white gel polish to draw the gingerbread man’s eyes.
4. Grab the striping brush and red gel polish to outline the mouth.
5. Paint a bow tie on the gingerbread man using the green gel polish.
6. Take the purple gel polish along with the dotting tool and depict two buttons going down the gingerbread’s torso.
7. Use the white gel polish once more to draw squiggly lines that emphasize the gingerbread’s hands and feet.
8. Doodle a little red heart above the gingerbread man to reinforce a romantic vibe.
9. Use steps 2 through 8 to create a female gingerbread on an adjacent nail.
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