How to keep your hair straight after styling

There is nothing more frustrating than having your hair revert back to its original curly or frizzy state after you’ve spent hours getting it styled at the salon. If you want to keep your hair straighter for a longer period of time, your flat iron isn’t necessarily the answer. While a few passes from your favorite heating tool will get your locks straight, the only thing that will keep them straight is protecting them from the elements and your wild sleeping habits.
Consider sleeping on silk pillowcases and using a silk bonnet to keep your style looking fresh overnight. Watch the video below to learn a few techniques on how to preserve your hairstyle between washes.
- Wide-tooth comb
- Paddle brush
- Bobby pins
- Wig cap
- Velcro wrap
- Bonnet or scarf
1. Part your hair into two sections, starting from your crown to your ear.
2. Brush the front section of hair toward the same direction as the section in the back.
3. Continue brushing your hair around your head in a circular motion and use pins to secure any loose strands.
4. Use a wig cap to reduce volume. This step is essential if you’re a wild sleeper.
5. Remove any pins to prevent imprint marks when you wake up in the morning.
6. Lift the wig cap and smooth your hair in the same direction you wrapped it.
7. Cover the wig cap with a Velcro wrap, bonnet, or scarf.
8. If your current hairstyle is curly or wavy, you can preserve it by creating a soft, low bun and wearing a silk bonnet overnight.
9. The following morning, remove the Velcro wrap and wig cap in the same direction you wrapped your hair.
10. Allow your strands to fall where they want to first.
11. Comb your hair in the direction it naturally falls because you can create tangles if you don’t.
12. Find your part and style your hair as usual.
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