Add some bling to a cranberry and silver manicure

Holiday parties and festive celebrations call for showstopping glamour and head turning bling. Don't ditch that signature cranberry manicure though. Deep colors are the perfect foil for an accent nail decked out in a bevy of beautiful gems.
This tutorial will show you how to complete the detailed aspects of this design, but feel free to add additional gems on the individual nails to suit your taste. If you’ve never used builder nail gel before, it’s thicker than regular gel polish and provides a strong adhesive base for nail gems. Just put a dab on each individual nail and set a sparkly gem on top for a handful of drama.
- Cranberry gel nail paint
- Silver metallic gel paint
- Flat nail art brush
- Fine detail nail brush
- Builder nail gel
- Wax rhinestone picker tool
- Assorted nail gems
- Clear gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of cranberry gel polish to the nails with the flat nail brush, and paint the ring finger nail silver, then cure the polish with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Paint multiple curving lines from the cuticle to the nail tip on the index fingernail with silver paint and the fine detail nail brush.
3. Prepare the silver nail for the gems by applying a layer of builder nail gel with the flat nail art brush. This gel is thick and will hold the nail gems in place.
4. Pick up the nail gems with the wax rhinestone picker tool, and place them into the gel on the nail. Cure the nails with the lamp.
5. Protect your artistry by applying clear gel top coat in between the gems with the fine detailing brush, then cure with the lamp one more time.
Stay pretty!
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