Create a pretty blue manicure with silver line tape

The bleak winter season doesn’t mean manicures need to be dark and dreary. Spring pastels, like baby blue and millennial pink, are year-round staples and can easily be dressed up for the holiday season with a bit of silver line tape and a few shiny nail accents.
This playful manicure features a different design on each nail. The tutorial video shows how to achieve the crisscross style shown on the model’s ring finger because it's more complex than the other designs. You can repeat this design on each nail or test out some of the others to create a unique look.
- Baby blue gel nail polish
- Flat nail art brush
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- White gel nail paint
- Fine detailing nail art brush
- Taupe gel nail paint
- Clear gel top coat polish
- Silver line tape
- Cuticle trimmers or small scissors
- Nail tweezers
- Clear gel base coat polish
- Builder gel (not shown)
- Wooden toothpick
- Silver nail accents
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of blue gel polish to the nails with a flat nail art brush. Cure the nails with the UV or LED lamp in between coats.
2. Paint a thin horizontal line at the middle of the nail with white gel paint and the fine detailing nail art brush. Cure the nails with the lamp.
3. Paint a thin diagonal line over the white line by using the taupe nail gel and the fine detailing nail art brush. Use the lamp to cure the polish before proceeding.
4. Seal the crisscross design with a layer of clear gel top coat polish, then cure with the lamp.
5. Snip a small strip of silver line tape from the roll using cuticle trimmers or small scissors. Use the tweezers to place the strip over the white and taupe crisscross design
6. Paint another diagonal white line onto the existing design and cure with the lamp.
6. Apply a layer of clear base coat polish over the entire nail and cure the nail again.
7. Dip a wooden toothpick into the jar of builder gel, then put a small amount onto the nail art design. Place the nail accents on top of the builder gel, then cure the nails with the lamp.
8. Seal the entire design by applying a final layer of clear gel top coat to each nail. Cure the nails once more.
Stay pretty.

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