Get the best of both worlds with a boho half up, half down hairstyle

Does it ever feel like life is just too structured? If living a corporate lifestyle has you wishing for something more relaxed, then a boho hairstyle may be in order. Short for bohemian, the "boho" hair trend features loose, flowing styles with lots of movement.
When a polished updo sounds too much like work, but you want something soft and playful, this half up, half down style offers a perfect fit. It combines a voluminous crown ponytail with a few side twists and plenty of curls. Think messy, free and fabulous hair. If you have a favorite decorative hair accessory, feel free to add it as well.
- Clear hair elastics
- Rattail comb (optional)
- Decorative hair accessory (optional)
- Curling iron
- Hair spray
Fierce League
1. Lift a section of hair at the back of your head near the crown, and secure it with a hair elastic. Tip: If your hair is straight, you may want to tease it slightly with a rattail comb to create more volume.
2. Twist a small section of hair on each side of your head, then secure the sections in the back with another hair elastic.
3. Repeat the twisting motion with a second section of hair on each side, and secure the hair in back like you did in step two.
4. Gently pull the sections apart slightly to give them more volume. Tip: Insert a decorative hair accessory over the twists, if desired.
5. Curl the loose hair around your face with a curling iron. Then spritz the curls with hair spray to hold them in place.