10 ethereal photos that will change your view on silver

Women have only recently begun to experiment with different shades of gray hair. Through all that testing, silver has emerged as the clear-winning shade of gray. I guess you can say gray hair has a new silver lining.
While some may feel embarrassed for grey, the following pictures prove that there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, it can look absolutely stunning!
1. This gorgeous, short-ish cut looks great in a silver-white blend.
2. Hints of green and purple shine through this style from Audrey Kitching's Tumblr.
3. Storm-colored hair invites intense gazes.
4. As sexy as silver sounds, it's also very cute!
5. One of silver's unique attributes is that when you subject it to styles that cause a lot of reflection (read: fancy braids), you really make the color pop and reveal its complex character.
6. One shade of silver is virtually stark white.​
7. The stark white is versatile enough to look beautiful blended into hair as dark as black.
8. Silver truly has an ethereal presence, as seen in this stunning outdoor shot.
9. When you're rocking silver hair, even the craziest styles seem fitting.
10. Short-haired ladies like to rock the silver too.
There's a shade of silver for everyone!

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