How to combine a boho ponytail with a Dutch braid

Some hair trends are easy to embrace, and the boho style is one of them. It takes braids and ponytails up a notch while creating softer, more contemporary styles. If you’re still struggling with your Dutch braiding technique, don’t panic. A boho braid isn’t entirely smooth, and a few stray hairs and imperfections make the look all the more endearing.
The video tutorial below contains tips for braiding and creating dimension with overlapping sections of hair. Each portion of the hairstyle is done separately, and then the two styles are fused together for a high ponytail with drama and flair.
- Hair clamp
- Hair elastics
- Bobby pins
- Decorative hair jewelry
Fierce League
1. Lift the front section of the hair at the crown and secure it on top temporarily with a hair clamp.
2. Combine the remaining loose hair into a high ponytail with a hair elastic.
3. Release the crown section and braid it from one ear to the other in a Dutch braid style. When it's complete, wrap a hair elastic around the ends.
4. Gently tug the braided sections apart slightly to fluff them up, then wrap the ends of the braid around the ponytail in back. Pin the braid in place with bobby pins.
5. To give the ponytail dimension, take a section of hair from the underneath side of the ponytail and divide it in half.
6. Wrap each half of the hair up and over the ponytail in a crisscross pattern, then pick up additional hair from underneath and repeat the crossing motion until you reach the ponytail's midpoint. Secure with a hair elastic.
7. Push the crossed sections of hair on top of the ponytail upward to create dimension.
8. Insert a decorative hair pin on the side of your head or on the ponytail.

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