Create colorful pigtail braids with hair extensions

Blondes may have more fun, but long-haired beauties definitely have more options when it comes to playful hairstyles. Having short hair is great on busy days, but if an occasion calls for something long, flirty, and filled with flair, then using clip-in hair extensions can make just about anything possible.
This tutorial will teach you how to weave long, multicolored hair extensions into medium-length hair. Keeping the extensions in place can be tricky, so watch the following video for a great tip about using hair elastics. There are several different colors used here, but if you'd rather just use two or three, that's fine too.
- Hair clamp
- 10 colored clip-in hair extensions
- Clear hair elastics
Fierce League
1. Divide the hair into two horizontal sections — one upper and one lower —then clip the top section up with a hair clamp.
2. Divide the lower section of the hair down the middle, then clip two colored hair extensions close to the scalp and secure all the hair together below the extension fasteners with a hair elastic. Tip: Stagger the extensions slightly, so they aren’t side-by-side. Repeat on the other side.
3. Add a colored extension below each hair elastic.
4. Release the upper portion of the hair and repeat step one.
5. Repeat step two, and stop after clipping in the extensions.
6. Release the hair from the top of the head then carefully combine half of it with each ponytail and secure each side with another hair elastic.
7. Braid each ponytail and secure the bottom with a hair elastic.
8. Gently tug on each braided section to fluff it up and give it texture. Tip: If there are any loose sections of hair sticking out of the braid, hold them in place with a bobby pin or clear elastic.

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