How to pierce your nails

Sometimes, we look for ways to jazz up our look without fully committing. That could mean temporarily dying our hair a different color or rocking a new accessory for a little while, but one of the best ways to add some flair to our every day is with an exciting nail look. Thankfully, not all styles of nail art need to be ornate and complicated to leave a lasting impression. Adding a little bit of bling to your fingertips can go a long way.
And it's not as expensive as it sounds. With just a few items, your nail game can bump up a level with their own little set of blinged-out studs, hoops, or charms. Just be mindful of where you pierce, as puncturing your actual fingernail could be painful and is not recommended.
- Set of properly fitting acrylic nails (at a length longer than your natural nail)
- Gel nail polish in a color of your choice
- Gel top coat
- Nail drill or punch hole piercing tool
- Set of jewelry decoration charms
Fierce League
1. Fit each individual nail with the appropriate size of an acrylic nail. Make sure each is properly secured and attached.
2. Apply 1-2 coats of gel color polish and allow to dry.
3. Apply top coat and allow to dry.
4. Using the piercing tool, carefully puncture one or more holes into however many nails you choose. Make sure to pierce through only the acrylic, and not your natural nail.
5. Fasten a hoop or charm through each of the piercing holes and enjoy!