Minimalist striped nails

Festive nails are the perfect way to complete a look for special occasions or simply to reflect your fun side! As they say, it's all in the details. Wacky colors are one option, but envy-worthy nails are the result of intricate designs.
Good news! With just a few materials, nails like these are possible to create, and from the comfort of your home. The great thing about minimalist striped nails is that they last rather than being a design that might emphasize growth at your cuticle. If you're looking to design your nails for an event, regular polish will work just fine. If you're looking for lasting coverage, invest in a gel kit that includes a base coat, top coat, and LED lamp.
Gelish Foundation Base Coat or regular base coat polish
Gelish Top It Off or regular top coat polish
Nail art striping tape in various colors
Cuticle nippers
Fierce League
1. Prep your nails as you see fit: clipping, filing, buffing and rinsing.
2. Cut strips from nail art rolls in a variety of colors and set aside ready for application. Cut them about 1/2 inch long or so. Precision is not necessary since you can trim them after application.
3. Make sure your nails are dry and ready. Apply a coat of either gel or regular base coat polish. Let gel cure under LED light for 30 seconds. Let regular base coat dry completely before continuing to the next step.
4. Once dry, adhere pre-cut strips to 3/4 of your nail so that the length protrudes from the tip of your nail for trimming. Press into place.
5. Clip the excess tape with cuticle nippers as close to the tip of your nail as possible for a smooth finish.
6. Apply Gelish Top It Off or regular top coat polish. Let gel cure under LED light for 30 seconds. Let regular base coat dry completely.

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