Get golden with embellished grid nails

Thanks to creative nail gurus, there's never a shortage of trendy nail designs to test out. Black and white is a classic color combination for clothing and weddings, but this nail design ups the ante by adding a dash of gold foil to the mix. If geometric designs tickle your fancy, then get ready to get your grid on.
Using a flat nail art brush to paint a base coat of polish makes sense, but straight lines require a precision tool. Fine-tipped nail brushes have hairs that are more flexible because they're longer. The following video shows how to place the brush for optimum flexibility. Once the vertical lines are drawn, add the horizontal lines and the gold leaf, and this grid will come to life
- White and black gel nail paint
- Flat nail art brush (not shown)
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Fine-tipped nail art brush
- Clear gel base coat
- Gold metallic nail transfer foil
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of white gel polish to the nails with the flat nail brush. Paint the ring finger nail black, then cure with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Create the grid pattern on the white nails by painting two vertical stripes with the black nail paint using the fine-tipped nail art brush. Cure with the lamp to set.
3. Paint four horizontal stripes with the black paint on each white nail, and then repeat the grid pattern on the black nail by using the white paint instead. Cure with the lamp.
4. Apply a single coat of clear gel nail base coat on each nail and cure once more.
5. Lightly press a square of gold foil against each design while the gel is still slightly tacky. This will help the foil adhere and will also eliminate the stickiness.