Christmas ornament nails

Christmas is one of the most vibrant times of the year. Red and green decorations and jolly spirits characterize this special season as families gather together to open presents and share the joy. Since Christmas anticipation pretty much begins when Halloween ends, much preparation can go into making sure there's enough merriment to go around. Now, there's a creative way to express your holiday cheer with Christmas art at your fingertips.
It might seem like it takes a lot of effort to achieve this look, but it's actually easier than you think. Each adornment has different details and characteristics that make it stand out on its own, and having a minimal backdrop color like white helps to ensure each ornament really shines. Read on to learn how to execute this festive look.
- White gel polish
- Red gel polish
- Green gel polish
- Purple gel polish
- Pink gel polish
- Black gel polish
- Gold glitter polish
- Champagne glitter polish
- Chunky glitter polish
- Red and green Christmas ribbon to transfer
- Dotter tool
- Striper brush
- Gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of white gel polish.
2. With the dotting tool, paint a circular shape for each ornament using the different polish colors. To create a cone-type ornament shape, draw a tiny swivel tail at the bottom of the circle.
3. Before the red and green ornament paints have fully dried, firmly dab Christmas ribbon of the same color to transfer the print.
4. Apply a thin layer of champagne-toned glitter polish over the gold ornament paint using the dotting tool. Paint a layer of the chunky glitter polish over the pink ornament paint using the applicator that came with it.
5. With the black polish, add spots to the gold glitter ornament using the dotting tool.
6. Take the striper brush and add reflection lines on the red ornament using the white polish.
7. Remove all traces of white polish from the striper brush before carefully adding gold swirls to the cone-shaped ornament.
8. Clean the striper brush again and use it to draw in the ornament caps and hooks with the black polish. Extend the hook lines towards the cuticle bed.
9. Finish everything off with the gel top coat, and you're jolly good to go!
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