16 brilliant mature makeup tips

Let’s face it – the older people get, the more they change. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but making the transformations work for you could seem like a pretty daunting feat. Aging is something that can be done gracefully with the right techniques, and there are many ways you can keep yourself looking fresh. Many of them are only skin deep.
Though makeup can work wonders, it’s not the only answer. Some of the best makeup tips don’t even involve conventional makeup products. Instead, they start with healthy dietary and lifestyle choices that show their results in many ways throughout the body. Take some notes on the following tips to ensure you keep that vibrant, spry glow no matter what age you are.
1. The standards still apply.
Just because you’re over the hill doesn’t mean you need to forget everything you learned before you crossed it. Sometimes, sticking to the basics really is the best advice. Drinking enough water, exercising regularly and getting enough sleep do wonders for the skin. After all, having a smooth, refreshed face is the first step in any successful makeup look.
2. Exfoliate dead skin.
Dead skin catches makeup differently, making it hard to properly blend in your base. Lightly exfoliating a couple times a week can aid in keeping your skin clear and as even in tone as possible.
3. Moisturizing is key.
When skin gets dry and flakey, not only does it draw attention to the wrong spots on the face, but it also adds unneeded texture. Sometimes, if your skin is extra dry, it can overproduce oil to try to compensate for all that dryness. Find a moisturizer that works for you and it’ll make all of your makeup go on smoother.
4. Prime everything.
Though it may seem as if primer is a step that can be skipped, it’s actually one of the most imperative to a makeup routine. Primers help hide wrinkles, fine lines and large pores when put on the face, but they also provide a smooth base for eyeshadow, lipstick and foundation or tinted moisturizer, ensuring you get the most wear out of your products.
5. Smooth out your complexion.
BB and CC creams can be your best friend. As people age, their skin becomes more rough, uneven and discolored in certain areas, making it hard to maintain a polished look throughout the whole face. BB creams are good for a super light coverage that smooths things out a bit, but for more serious cases, apply a color correcting cream to even everything out and get a nice, dewy finish.
6. Sub concealer for foundation for a quick fix.
If you’re just trying to mask a few marks or discolorations on your face, substitute spot application of primer and concealer instead of applying a full-face layer of foundation. Heavy foundation can weigh down the skin, so it’s best to skip it when you can.
7. Bring some light to your under eyes.
One of the places signs of aging first show is under the eyes. Brightening up the upper lid and under the eye can help hide wrinkles and tired lines, giving the appearance of tighter, more-awake skin. Apply concealer in an upside-down triangle shape and lightly pat to blend. Avoid applying heavy amounts of concealer to the under eyes as the skin thins in that location over time, making concealer look more like thick paint.
8. Touch up brows.
Eyebrow hair thins with age, so touching up the brow area can really add more expression to the face. A powder brow filler looks more natural with these thin hairs than an eyebrow pencil, so make sure to pick one that matches your hair and isn’t too dark.
9. Darken your lash line.
Lining the eyes can open them up and give a more wide-eyed, awake appearance. Be careful, though, because overdoing it on the eyeliner can easily turn into a jarring mess.
10. Keep it subtle.
Go for brown eyeliner instead of black when defining the eyes. Black can appear too harsh, especially when it’s laid on thick. Avoid a heavy, blunt look by choosing a softer shade and smudging it into the lash line.
11. Skip the bottom lash line.
Lining and putting mascara on your bottom lash line doesn’t do any good – the lining can make eyes appear smaller, mascara can call out crow’s feet and both draw attention to dark undereye circles. To keep eyes looking open and perky, lightly line the top lash line and use black mascara to keep the whites of the eyes looking bright. Be sure to pick mascara wisely. Because eyelashes lose moisture over time, thick mascara formulas can clump more easily once it dries on the lashes.
12. A little bit of creamy color goes a long way.
Cream blushes bring a luminescent sheen to the face, whereas powders can pick up on and accentuate fine lines in your face. In the right shade, a cream blush can make your face glow.
13. Avoid the apples.
Though eating apples is doctor-recommended, it’s suggested avoiding the apples of the cheeks when applying blush. Putting blush there, especially reddish tones, highlights saggy skin and can too easily resemble clown makeup. Try applying a neutral rosy hue of blush further away from the nose at the highest point of the cheekbones, blending upward and covering the entire cheekbone. This way, the cheeks will give off more of a natural pop.
14. Ditch the glitter.
Shimmer and glitter are not synonymous. Big chunks of glitter are eye-catching, but not necessarily in the best way. Shimmer adds depth without coming off too strong, commanding attention in a flattering way.
15. Line lips for an extra boost.
As people get older, the natural color of their lips pales and fades into the rest of their face, leaving a flat and sometimes sickly impression. Using a nude tone that closely resembles your lips at their most colorful helps bring life back into your pout when you’re going for a natural look.
16. Keep lipstick in check.
Because natural lip lines disappear as the years go on, that can create feathering and bleeding when wearing lipstick. Choose a lip liner that is clear, a direct match to the lipstick shade you’re wearing or a shade or two darker than your lipstick shade, to keep the color in place and add definition.

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