Learn how to lift your ponytail

Even a ponytail can look chic when done correctly. Unfortunately, lack of volume plagues a lot of people, and a skinny, skimpy ponytail just doesn't have that "wow" effect. Luckily, there are some little known tricks for faking volume on the fly.
To create the illusion of volume and super-thick hair, all you need are a few carefully placed jaw clips and a clever approach. This video makes the process simple. Just follow along and get ready to have people ask when you decided to "pony up" for hair extensions.
- Hair clamps
- Hair elastics
- Small jaw clips
- Hairbrush
- Hair spray
- Bobby pins
Fierce League
1. Temporarily secure the bangs or any short face-framing hair onto the top of your head with a hair clamp.
2. Divide the remaining hair into three horizontal sections, one above the other. Clip each of the two middle sections up with a clamp and form the bottom section into a ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Note: The model in the video initially says to make three sections, but the later portion of the video shows four in total.
3. Divide the ponytail into two horizontal sections, and use the jaws of a jaw clip to adhere it near the hair elastic. The jaws will pick up hair from each section and create a little "bump. Let the upper section fall over the lower one.
4. Repeat with the remaining sections (but not the bangs), teasing the upper portion of hair in each section with a brush before allowing it to fall over the jaw clip.
5. Release the uppermost section and gently combine the hair with the lower sections to form one unified ponytail. Secure with a hair elastic.
6. If you have bangs, tease them downward with a brush from tips to roots, spritz lightly with hair spray, and smooth them back toward the ponytail.
7. To disguise the hair elastic, take a strand of loose hair and wrap it around the elastic and pin it underneath with bobby pins.