Bring the stars to life with constellation nails

The night sky is a wonder to behold. When the sun sets, you can see the stars filling the darkness; if you look closely, patterns emerge. Stargazers often look for recognizable shapes, like a portion of the Big Dipper, which looks like a long-handled cup. Even though the stars are light-years away, they inspire beautiful creations like these constellation nails.
This beautiful design reflects a unique, meaningful symbol on each nail. A metallic blue base recreates the sky, and each constellation is drawn with a pattern of lines to mimic an existing shape. To personalize this design, consider choosing astrological signs or portions of certain constellations, like the Little Dipper shown on the pointer finger in the video. Once the lines are drawn, nail charms complete the design and ensure that the stars will go everywhere you do.
- Blue metallic gel nail polish
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Gold metallic gel nail paint
- Fine-tipped nail art brush
- Clear gel base coat
- Gold star-shaped nail charms
- Dotting tool
- Round gold nail charms
- Gel top coat polish​
Fierce League
1. Apply two layers of metallic blue gel nail polish to the nails as a base, and cure them with the UV or LED lamp in between coats to set the polish.
2. Paint a simple constellation on each nail using the gold metallic paint and the fine-tipped brush. Cure with the lamp before proceeding.
3. Apply a single layer of clear gel base coat to the nails, but don't cure it. The polish needs to be wet as you place the nail charms.
4. Put two star-shaped charms on each nail design in different locations by using the nail dotting tool.
5. Add round nail charms to each pattern in various places to mimic the individual stars in the sky. Cure your nails with the UV or LED lamp.
6. Seal the designs with a single coat of clear gel top coat polish, and cure under the lamp once more to finish.

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