How to have prettier than pink nails

Ready to embrace a nail design that's shiny, sexy and straight to the point? These chrome ombre nails offer a bright metallic look, with a thin blue line that makes pink nail polish pop. A fun and bright manicure, pink chrome ombre nails are suitable for a hot summer look.
When preparing materials needed for this manicure, note that the fine-detail liner should have a good length to it—one swipe of the brush should create the thin blue line. When applying nail powder, consider the desired reflective outcome. More powder offers a more metallic appearance, less powder offers a subtle metallic shine. It's recommended to use an easy-off gel base coat, which will make the nail polish removal process much easier at a later time.
- Hot pink gel nail polish
- Non-wipe gel top coat soak-off UV/LED
- Chrome nail powder
- Foam eyeshadow brush
- Easy-off gel base coat
- Fine detail liner brush
- Turquoise gel nail polish
- Gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Apply hot pink gel nail polish to all fingernails.
2. Allow the paint to dry.
3. Apply a non-wipe gel top coat to painted nails.
4. Allow the top coat to dry.
5. Apply chrome nail powder to the tips of nails with a foam eyeshadow brush. Work the powder into the tips of nails in a circular motion.
6. Apply the powder in a vertical line from the center of each nail tip to the middle of the nail. Work the powder into the nail by moving the eyeshadow brush in a circular motion.
7. Apply an easy-off gel base coat to the nails.
8. Allow the base coat to dry.
9. Apply a vertical stripe of turquoise gel nail polish to the center of each nail with a liner brush.
10. Allow the nail polish to dry.
11. Apply a gel top coat to each nail.
12. Allow nails to dry before working or doing other activities with pink chrome ombre nails.