How to create nude and black nails

Nude and black is a timeless color combination. In a modern age, it recalls back to a time when Audrey Hepburn dominated the big screen and pearls were the most clad neck accessory. Traditional and elegant, pairing nude and black is not only stylish and ageless, but it also communicates a soft sophistication that's perfect to rock on a regular basis.
Though this combo is often used for outfits, it works just as well on the nails. It's not necessary for all polish designs to be flashy and commanding in brightness or decorations. In many ways, there's even more beauty in looks that are mellow and muted. Turn to this simple yet chic look for a dash of sophistication every day.
- Nude gel polish
- Black gel polish
- Gel top coat
- Manicure tape strips
Fierce League
1. Apply 1-2 coats of the chosen nude shade to nail. Let coats dry completely.
2. Apply black gel polish to tips of nails. Be sure to apply evenly to avoid thinness in certain areas of the coat. If any of the nude shade peeks through, apply another coat smoothly.
3. Take thinly cut manicure tape and precisely place along the borderlines of the nude and black shades. This will help to mask any unevenness where the black tips were applied. Remove any excess tape that hangs over the sides of the nail.
4. Once the tape strips are properly secured, apply a clear top coat to help seal them in place.