How to make abstract geometric nails

Intricate nail art is everywhere these days. From cartoon themes to spacey wonder, nail technicians, and aficionados alike are figuring out new ways to adorn their digits. One style that's grown in popularity recently is abstract geometric nails. These Pinterest-worthy nails are simple to replicate, yet demanding of the attention they deserve.
What's better is that you can recreate these nails in the comfort of your own home without help from anyone else. Of course, you will need the usual polish and brush instruments, but the most important tools to reproduce these looks are precision and attention to detail. View our step-by-step guide to doing this abstract nude nail art below.
- Base coat gel
- Nude gel polish
- White gel polish
- Black gel polish
- Top coat gel
- Striper brush
- Detailing brush
Fierce League
1. Every good nail look starts with a base coat, so put on a layer so the polish can start with a good foundation.
2. Apply one to two layers of your nude color, depending on how rich you want the color to be. Be sure to let your nails fully dry to prevent smearing.
3. Using the striper brush, carefully paint a little triangle near the cuticle of your nail, starting with the outside lines first. Carefully fill in the triangle.
4. With that same brush, begin to frame the first triangle with another. Be sure to leave enough space between the two of them.
5. Paint and fill in another triangle at the tip of the nail, with the point facing the first triangle. Make sure each triangle is as centered and even as possible.
6. With the first triangle frame as a reference, extend the framing lines diagonally towards the tip of the nail, creating another triangle frame along the outside of the filled-in triangle at the tip.
7. Lightly draw two vertical lines on each side connecting both of the triangle frames.
8. With the detailing brush, color in the spaces along the outside of the nail using the white gel polish. Then fill in the triangle frame at the tip of the nail. Be careful when doing this; try not to get color on the black triangle. A clean striper brush may also be used to do this.
9. Paint triangles at the base or tips of the other fingernails. Allow to dry.
10. Apply the top coat and voila!