Get a sleek ponytail by using your flat iron

The funny thing about hair is that it never seems to be exactly the same every day. One day it's straight, and the next day it's out of control. Although achieving a sleek, smooth look seems impossible, this video will show you otherwise.
When flat irons arrived on the scene, they made sleek styles attainable at a moment's notice. They do amazing work, but it's important to control the temperature or your hair will suffer. When heating your flat iron for this style, make sure to set the temperature between 400 and 420 degrees for coarse or curly hair. For fine hair, set the temperature between 325 and 350 degrees.
- Hair clamps
- Flat iron
- Paddle brush
- Hair elastic
- Hair spray
- Hair oil (optional)
- Short-bristled brush
Fierce League
1. Divide the hair into four sections, beginning at the top, and pin the top three sections in place so the lower portion hangs straight.
2. Use the flat iron to straighten the bottom section. Remove the clamp above and continue flattening the hair in a downward direction until all sections are complete. (Make sure to curve the iron toward the back of your head when doing the portion closest to the forehead.)
3. Brush all the hair in one direction to form a ponytail, and secure it with an elastic.
4. Tame any flyaway hairs by pressing the hair smooth with the palms of your hands and applying hair spray.
5. If there are any small hairs sticking up, brush them into place with the short-bristled brush.
6. Carefully remove the hair elastic while holding the hair tightly in your hand. Brush through the ponytail in a downward motion to make sure everything is super smooth.
7. Secure the ponytail once more with the elastic, and apply a small amount of hair oil to areas of the hair still sticking up.
8. Reduce the temperature on the flat iron and straighten the ponytail once more.
9. Spritz again with hair spray for lasting hold.