Recreate the 80s with a crimped ponytail

For Throwback Thursday or just a change of pace, give that ponytail an 80s makeover. Thanks to Madonna and so many singers of this memorable decade, hairstyles took on a playful, bouncy look that was anything but serious. Whether you're reliving the past or simply breaking out of a hairstyle rut, these waves will surely please.
To achieve a truly 80s look, both a waving iron and crimping iron are necessary. Combining waves of different sizes keeps the look from being predictable, plus it adds texture, which will give the ponytail dimension and shape. Feel free to go your own way with this look by offsetting the ponytail to one side and leaving some loose waves below it.
- Hair clamp
- Paddle brush
- Big and small waving irons
- Hair elastic
- Crimping iron
- Bobby pins
- Hair spray
- Scrunchie hair elastic
Fierce League
1. Section the hair and pin the upper portion onto the top of the head with a hair clamp. Leave the bottom section loose.
2. Create waves section by section with the large waving iron. Brush the hair smooth with the paddle brush before applying the heat. Clamp the iron shut over the hair close to the root, hold in place for a few seconds, open the iron and move it downward. Repeat until each section of hair is curled from top to bottom. Tip: Alternating between the big and small waving iron will create added dimension and variety.
3. Loosely rake your fingers through the waves and secure them into a ponytail with the elastic. Tip: For a totally 80s look, offset the ponytail to one side.
4. To add more dimension, use the small crimping iron on a few sections of hair in and below the ponytail.
5. Use bobby pins to pin up any stray hair on the sides of the head.
6. Spritz the hair with hair spray to set it, then slip the Scrunchie around the hair elastic.
7. Crimp additional hair, if desired.