Learn how to use negative space in a pink glitter nail design

Want to give that millennial pink manicure a bit more pizzazz? Channel that inner child who loved hearts and glitter and all things sweet, and grab your nail kit and get to work. It's time to show the world that pink is far more than a passing fad or one-note look.
This glitzy pink manicure combines hearts and abstract lines in a trio of colors. The hearts are very subtle because the eye is initially drawn to the glitter, so it takes some concentration to see them. Watch the following video to learn how to pull this artsy design together.
- Nude gel nail polish
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Pink gel nail paint
- Fine tipped nail art brush
- Long bristled nail art brush
- Clear gel base coat
- Aluminum foil
- Purple nail glitter
- Nail dotting tool
- Clear gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of nude gel polish and cure with the lamp.
2. Draw the outline of a heart on the ring and pointer fingers with pink nail paint using a fine-tipped art brush, and fill in the space outside the heart on the tip, at the base and on the outer edges.
3. Draw pink intersecting lines with the long bristled art brush on the remaining nails and cure with the lamp.
4. Put a few drops of clear gel base coat on a piece of aluminum foil and stir in some purple glitter with the dotting tool.
5. Apply the glitter mixture on top of the pink designs by using the fine-tipped nail brush. Cure before proceeding.
6. Seal the nails with a single layer of clear gel top coat and cure.

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