Learn how to master a hand-teased ponytail

If the weather is warm or windy, it's important to have a style that keeps hair from getting out of control. A basic ponytail can work, but why stop there? This step-by-step tutorial shows you how to create a playful ponytail with soft curls and a twisted, face-framing coil.
Most people use a comb to tease their hair to achieve extra volume, but hand teasing results in a softer look without the damage that can come from running a plastic comb back and forth across the hair. By lifting the hair at the crown of the head and hand teasing it, the finished look has volume, softness and personality. It's perfect for weekend shopping or a casual movie date with friends.
- Bobby pins
- Hair clamp
- Unadorned hair elastics
- Hair spray
- Decorative hair elastic
- Small barreled curling iron
- Short-bristled brush
Fierce League
1. To form a twisted coil that frames the face, pick up one section of hair above the temple and twist another section around it. Continue to weave additional sections into it while proceeding from left to right until reaching the opposite temple. Secure the twist with a pair of bobby pins in a crisscross “X” shape. By doubling up the bobby pins, the twist will stay in place longer.
2. Divide the loose hair into upper and lower sections, and use the hair clamp to temporarily keep the upper section on the top of the head.
3. Combine all the lower hair and any hair remaining wisps from the twisted coil into a ponytail and secure with a hair elastic.
4. Release the clamped section and divide it into two sections, one above the other.
5. Lay the upper section on top of the head, then lift the lower section and mist it with hair spray. Gently pull some of the hair toward the scalp as if teasing with a comb. Repeat once more, then do the same thing with the upper section.
6. Once both sections are teased, gently combine them by raking your fingers through the hair. Add this hair to the existing ponytail and use the decorative ponytail holder to secure all of the hair in place.
7. Spritz ponytail with hair spray, then curl individual sections of the hair with the curling iron.
8. To give the curls added volume, clip part of the hair out of the way, and push up the curls section by section. Release the clip and repeat with the other curls. Spray with hair spray for extra hold.
9. Brush flyaway hairs into place with the short bristled brush.