Create a decorative ponytail with hair jewelry

For centuries, people have been adorning themselves with jewels — and not just on their bodies. If a queen can wear a crown, and a young child can wear a tiara while holding a make-believe tea party, then everyone else can, and should, enjoy a little bling when the mood strikes.
If a basic ponytail just won't cut it, then the following video will be music to your ears. This unique approach allows you to get creative with what is already in your jewelry box or vanity drawer. In this video, a decorative hair pin with gilded cords transforms an everyday ponytail into something special. Tip: A necklace, some pretty ribbon, or even a string of small beads will work just as well, so use what suits your style.
- Two hair elastics
- Decorative bobby pin with beaded cords
Fierce League
1. Pull all the hair back away from the face and secure it into a ponytail.
2. Insert the decorative hair pin in front of the hair elastic so it's visible, then wrap the cord or strands of beads around the ponytail in a downward spiral fashion.
3. Secure the ends of the hair jewelry to the ponytail with a clear hair elastic.
Now, that was easy! Stay pretty!

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