How to style a bouncy pom-pom ponytail

Add an effervescent twist to your basic ponytail with this pom-pom style. This pony is especially perfect if your braiding skills are on the shabby side, because you’ll just need a few clear hair ties to pull it off. Another plus to recreating this look is that it works for both straight and curly hair.
If you have shorter strands, you can always add hair extensions to create a fuller, bouncier ponytail. This video gives you thorough instructions on how to rock the style.
- Hairbrush
- Black ponytail holder
- Hairspray
- Fine-tooth comb
- Clear hair ties
1. Brush your hair and secure it into a ponytail using the black ponytail holder.
2. Use hairspray and a fine-tooth comb to get your hair even smoother.
3. Place a clear hair tie a few inches down the length of your ponytail.
4. Use your fingers to push the hair tie up to create a pom-pom look.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 down the entire length of your pony.
6. Conceal the end of your ponytail with a clear hair tie.
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