How to execute a half-up and half-down hair donut style

When was the last time you deviated from your signature hairstyle? If you prefer loose, casual tresses, consider giving this flattering half-up and half down hair donut ‘do a try -- which, coincidentally, has been a favorite of many celebs on the red carpet this season.
This tutorial teaches you how to effortlessly achieve the “I woke up like this” vibe in no time. You just need a few things to re-create this fusion hairstyle, including a light-hold hair spray and fine-tooth comb.
- Hairbrush
- Black hair tie
- Hair donut
- Bobby pins
- Hair extensions (optional)
- Gold hair glitter
- Hair spray
- Fine-tooth comb
1. Split your hair in two sections by creating a part from ear to ear, then secure the top portion with a hair tie.
2. Pull the strands on your crown through a hair donut, then wrap the remaining hair around it to create a bun.
3. Pin the bun in place, then pinch the bottom and top parts of it for a textured look.
4. Add additional pins to further secure the bun, or use a few hair extensions if you desire more length.
5. Sprinkle gold glitter onto the bun for a festive look.
6. Touch up any flyaways with hair spray and a fine-tooth comb.
You look perfectly chic!
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