10+ makeup hacks that enhance your natural beauty

The no-makeup look is, in fact, all about the makeup. The varied incarnations of the natural beauty trend may embrace freckles, glow and a less-is-more approach, yet even this minimal product application has a set of rules to achieve perfect results. For those who pine for a wake up, wash up and walk out morning routine, sorry to disappoint. That said, the tips to a natural look do save enough steps to make getting somewhere on time, aglow and with a latte in hand a reality.
This beauty trend is seemingly set to continue celebrating what’s under the layers of coverage to which people had formerly been accustomed. That’s a bonus for your skin, your budgets and the acceptance of features you once marked as flaws. The best way to approach it is to keep things simple: Take the best sun-kissed beach day, add a little flourish, then lock it in.
Take good care
To give skin a natural healthy glow, treat your body right. Drink plenty of water to hydrate skin cells and get enough sleep. A well-rested face is typically free from added puffiness and dark circles so you are starting with a cleaner palette.
Exfoliate first
When skin regenerates with new cells, it leaves the old ones behind. Gently slough them off two to three times per week. What’s left is a brighter, healthier layer.
Leave off the powder
Although there is a benefit to a loose, light powder, it can create a muted look when you’re going for a natural glow. It’s best to do without and just use a liquid base with a dab of moisturizer mixed in. Dot on and blend from the neck up so formula does not sit on top of skin but gives a dewy finish.
Go for a light base
Use a light formula foundation that easily melds with skin. Apply and gently blend in. The benefit to a light formula is being able to put on more product where needed without being cakey.
Spot treat
Rather than adding more overall coverage – with each layer you are further away from your intended natural look – simply spot treat areas that need it most. Use concealer only on obvious blemishes. Use a cool, under-eye gel after makeup to smooth puffy eyes and, depending on product, to reflect light away from dark circles.
Add to natural color
Color adds a youthful glow to cheeks, but like primers, choose liquid blush over powder. A light liquid gives a subtle tint and just a slightly deweier version of you. If necessary to mute, brush gently with a just-used foundation brush.
Line minimally
A dramatically lined eye is everything – except natural – and not for this look. Instead of creating a thick line above the lashes, add subtle color just at lash roots to seep in between for a more genuine effect. And follow the lash line; no trendy cat eyes here.
Mute mascara
Ensure lashes stay subtle by blotting excess mascara from the wand before applying or gently wiping lashes afterward with a cotton ball dipped in makeup remover. This way lashes won’t stick together or look heavily made up. Or, forgo mascara for just a tint of color by swiping on black lash primer or brow gel instead.
Don’t overdue lips
For lips, go for just a hint of color, a shade darker than your natural. Experiment to find the right one as long as it’s not matte – so pretty but not natural. Cover with a light gloss or infuse with a touch of primer to create a stain with staying power. Find a product that’s got plumping ingredients for a naturally pouty finish.
Frame your face
Appreciate how much properly shaped eyebrows do to frame a face. It’s tricky to master brow shaping, at least the first time, so definitely make an initial appointment with a pro. Then, continue the relationship for upkeeps or do regular maintenance on your own.
Add highlighter
The natural look does not need a whole contouring plan but it will benefit from highlights in all the right spots. Dab on a smidge with fingers along cheekbones, bridge of the nose and on the Cupid’s bow. The highlighter will reflect the light and add to an already natural glow.
Blend lines
Because the natural look is really the “no-makeup makeup look,” all evidence of application needs to be invisible. For that, blend all makeup to erase evidence of stark lines. And use setting spray for an extra flush of radiance and to ensure no smearing or caking.