Learn how to paint spooky spider web stiletto nails

Of all the possible nail shapes that exist, nothing is edgier than a stiletto nail. Like their pointy-heeled counterparts, this shape is long and comes to a sharp point almost like a talon. The shape alone marks a person as a trailblazer because this style means business.
As if a stiletto nail wasn't already dramatic enough, this spooky black base makes the perfect backdrop for a creepy white spider web and gold metallic spider. The process isn't as hard as it might look because it consists of a sequence of straight and curved lines. Watch this quick tutorial to learn how to go from good to goth in mere minutes.
- Black gel nail polish
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Fine-tipped nail brush
- White gel nail paint
- Nail dotting tool
- Gold metallic gel nail paint
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of black gel nail polish and cure with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Dip a fine-tipped nail art brush in white gel paint and draw the inner structure of the spider web using straight lines in a starburst design. Repeat on the other nails and vary the design by placing it on the tip, in the middle or up against the cuticle.
3. Draw curved lines in between each straight line to create the lacy-looking web.
4. Cure with the UV or LED lamp to set the white paint before proceeding.
5. Dip the nail dotting tool in gold metallic paint and draw a small circle on your pointer finger on top of the web to form the spider's body. Draw another smaller dot just in front of the first one to create the spider's head.
6. Use the fine-tipped brush to drag small lines away from the gold circle to create four legs on each side of the spider.
7. Cure once more to set the nail paint.