Watch these jack-o'-lantern nails light up after dark

Want to create a multifaceted design that looks good in the light as well as the dark? This fun jack-o'-lantern design appears to be a simple orange and black design by day, but turn the lights down and those spooky faces glow in the dark.
The trick to achieving a perfect nighttime manicure is to blend glow in the dark pigment powder into regular clear gel polish. When brushed over the nails, it remains unseen until after night falls. Varying the pumpkin faces makes the design extra creepy, so get creative on paper beforehand to brainstorm shapes and combinations.
Orange gel nail polish
UV or LED lamp (not shown)
Gel base coat
Small dish for mixing pigment and polish
Pale orange glow in the dark pigment powder
Dotting tool
Flat nail brush
Black nail paint
Fine-tipped nail brush
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of orange gel nail polish and cure with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Put a few drops of clear gel base coat into the mixing dish, then add a small amount of glow in the dark pigment to it. Blend together with the dotting tool.
3. Apply the freshly blended polish and pigment mixture to the nails with a flat nail brush, then cure with the UV or LED lamp.
4. Draw jack-o'-lantern faces on each nail with the black gel paint and the fine-tipped brush. Vary the designs by creating some round or triangular eyes with rounded and jagged mouths.
5. To give the final design a more realistic appearance, draw very fine black lines from the cuticle to the tip of each nail to form the ridges in the pumpkin.
6. Cure one more time to set the design.