Glow-in-the-dark ghost nails

Halloween may be over, but that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy things that are a little spooky. While there may not be anything gory or scary involved with this look, these mini-ghosts are sure to draw some attention during the daytime and make heads turn once the sun goes down. They're so easy to recreate, you may choose to sport some ghosts all year round.
This simple black-and-white look is minimal, but it's ghostly twist gives it some character. You can choose to put ghosts on all of your nails or just a few, but they will leave an undeniable impression thanks to that glowing effect. If you're looking for a cute but different day-to-night look this one has definite transitional power. Some of the most fun things glow in the dark, and now your nails can too.
- Black gel polish
- White gel polish
- Clear or white UV/LED glow-in-the-dark polish
- Gel top coat
- Medium-size dotting tool
- Small dotting tool
- Striper brush
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of black gel.
2. Using the medium-sized dotting tool, paint the ghost forms with the white gel. Define the tails on the ghosts by bringing them down into a slight point with the striper brush.
3. Once dried, use the medium-sized dotting tool to cover the ghosts with the glow-in-the-dark polish. Try not to let the glow-in-the-dark polish get anywhere else on the nail to keep the art looking clean.
4. Gently dot the faces on the ghosts using the small dotting tool and black gel.
5. Lock everything in with the gel top coat. To test out the look, and make sure your nails get some extra light exposure before you turn the lights out.