How to make unicorn chrome nails

Want to stand out like a unicorn in a field of horses? Celebrate uniqueness with a chic wardrobe, flawless makeup, and unicorn chrome nails. For those who embrace nail designs that are distinct in appearance, understand that a unique design doesn't always equate to comfort or functionality. Fortunately, unicorn chrome nails are comfortable and subtle enough in appearance for home, the office, or even a night out with friends.
The light pink nail polish used in this manicure is soft and feminine. Light pink, and sometimes light purple, are often used in depictions of unicorns.
Go sparingly on the nail powder; the nails on ring fingers should not look completely coated in glittery powder. The goal is to enhance the hard gel with a touch of chrome powder. While creating unicorn chrome nails, remember what makes a unicorn so magical — it looks like any other horse, until you see its horn.
- Light pink gel nail polish
- Clear LED hard nail gel
- Clear top coat
- Foam eye shadow brush
- Metallic chrome nail powder
- Flat brush
- Gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Paint all fingernails with light pink gel nail polish.
2. Allow nail polish to dry.
3. Apply clear nail gel to the nails on both ring fingers. Make six wavy, diagonal lines across each nail.
4. Allow the nail gel to dry.
5. Apply a clear top coat to all fingernails.
6. Allow fingernails to dry.
7. Dip a foam eye shadow brush in nail powder.
8. Apply the nail powder to hard gel designs. Rub the brush in a back-and-forth motion across the diagonal lines.
9. Brush off any excess nail powder with a flat brush.
10. Apply a gel top coat to seal and protect nail polish and nail powder.
11. Wait for nails to dry.