How to do a classic French twist with a hair donut

If you’re looking for a romantic hairstyle that’s always on trend, then the classic French twist is a great option. What’s more, all it takes to achieve this elegant updo is twisting your strands around a hair donut and pinning it up. Easy, right?
Add decorative pins to liven up the style, and since the holiday season is approaching, opt for festive designs like a sprig of holly or one of Santa’s reindeers!
- Hair donut
- Scissors
- Small, clear ponytail holders
- Hair clip
- Hairbrush
- Large bobby pins
- Curl wand (optional)
- Decorative pins
- Hair spray
1. Cut a hair donut on one side to create an elongated shape.
2. Take the clear ponytail holders and secure both ends of the elongated shape.
3. Section the hair on your crown and clip it away.
4. Brush the hair toward the back of your head to one side.
5. Insert the large bobby pins vertically toward the bottom of your hair, not side to side.
6. Measure the elongated hair donut against the area you’re going to create the twist, then cut off any excess pieces.
7. Roll the elongated hair donut toward the ends of your hair to form the twist.
8. Make final adjustments before you pin the style in place.
9. Take down the top section of hair you initially clipped away, then feel free to curl it, pin it or sweep it toward your face.
10. Add decorative pins for added flair, then cement the look with your favorite hair spray .
You look positively elegant!
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