How to create a low messy bun with a hair donut

Don’t get intimidated by low bun hairstyles, some of them may appear intricate, but in truth they’re easy to pull off. Follow this beginner-friendly video to learn how to whip up this super simple yet elegant low messy bun style in under five minutes.
Having a few go-to hairstyles in your beauty repertoire is important, especially since the holiday party invitations are about to fill up your inbox. Here’s a perk to doing updo styles: When you take them down, you’ll end up with pretty, defined waves.
- Hair donut
- Hair clips
- Hair tie
- Bobby pins
- Hair spray
- Heat protection spray (not shown)
- Curl wand
- Decorative pins
1. Section the top part of your hair into several segments and clip them out of the way.
2. Grab a small segment of hair toward the back of your head and create a low ponytail.
3. Pull the ponytail through a hair donut, then wrap the remaining hair around it -- secure the donut with a few bobby pins. Use some hair spray to smooth things out before you continue.
4. Apply the heat protection spray before curling the remaining sections of hair with a wand.
5. Spread each curl with your fingers by teasing, pinching or shaking the hair to create more volume.
6. Wrap the curls over the hair donut until completely covered, pinning each curl as you go along.
7. Style the front of your hair until your desired look is achieved.
8. Secure uncooperative pieces of hair with decorative pins and hair spray.
You slayed that low messy bun style!
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