Turn a Dutch braid into a boho headband with flair

Search for the term “flower child” in Google, and you’ll find hundreds of pictures of long, flowing hair held in place with headbands made out of flowers, leather, beads and even ribbon. Flash forward 50 plus years, and the bohemian look is once again in full swing, especially when it comes to hairstyles.
Wearing an actual headband to work may not be a suitable choice, but a face-framing braid can mimic that effect with ease. This tutorial shows how to create a boho headband braid with decorative flair. If you don’t own a hair loop tool, pick one up online or in a hair supply store. It’s essential when weaving decorative ribbon or hair jewelry into the braid.
- Hair clamps
- Hair elastics
- Bobby pins
- Decorative ribbon or hair jewelry
- Plastic hair loop tool
Fierce League
1. Lift a section of hair at the crown of your head and use a hair clamp to hold it on top while completing the braid.
2. Starting in front of the ears, pull the loose-hanging hair forward on each side, then clip the remaining hair out of the way with a hair clamp.
3. Form a Dutch braid with the front section of the hair by beginning at one ear and ending at the other. When you reach the opposite ear, finish braiding and secure the hair with an elastic, then pin it in the back with a bobby pin. Tip: Leave a few loose hairs all around the face.
4. Slip the decorative ribbon through the large opening of the looping tool, then insert the straight portion of the tool behind the braid. Pull the tool downward to weave the ribbon through the braid, then form a slipknot to anchor the ribbon.
5. Continue weaving the ribbon around the braid until you reach the opposite ear.
6. Create a second slipknot at the end to hold the ribbon in place.
7. Release the hair clamps and use your fingers to rake the loose hair into place.

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