Learn how to paint cute baby bat nails

Seasonal Halloween designs can be dark and spooky or even downright adorable. If going ultra dark doesn't suit your personality, then this fun pink and black design may be just the ticket. Drawing bats without going batty is pretty easy, as the tutorial shows. The hardest part is deciding which nails to put the design on.
There are a few key things to remember before beginning this design. Because the black bats will be on pink nails, make sure you take that into consideration when painting the base coat. Limiting the design to just one or two nails will help it stand out more. The bat bodies are made up of three basic shapes, including a round head, pointy ears and scalloped wings. Watch the following tutorial to see how those shapes come together to create a whimsical design with spooky flair.
- Pink gel nail polish
- Black gel nail polish
- UV or LED lamp (not shown)
- Dotting tool
- Fine-tipped nail art brush
- Clear gel top coat
Fierce League
1. Apply two coats of pink gel polish to the nails you intend to use for the bat designs and paint the other nails black. Cure with the UV or LED lamp.
2. Dip the dotting tool into the black paint and make a round dot for the bat's head.
3. Use the fine-tipped brush to draw an outline of the bat's body and wings using straight and curved lines.
4. Fill in the bat's body and draw two small triangles on top of the head to make the ears.
5. Add more bats as desired, and add some polka dots around the designs. Cure with the lamp.
6. Apply a layer of clear gel top coat to the pink nails and cure to finish.