10+ brilliant DIY nail care tips

Although a mirror is required to examine your hair, makeup or outfit, you glance at your nails whether on purpose or accident countless times a day. Seeing cracked cuticles or chipped ends isn't pleasant. Most people like to approach the world with their best foot (or hand) forward. Sporting a fun polish or a chic nude nail creates a feeling of preparedness that can boost your mood. Not to mention, nails serve as a fundamental tool as we tear open boxes and pick at pesky labels. Strength comes from maintenance and shouldn't be neglected.
No matter your personal style, nail care is always in. Unfortunately, this generally falls pretty low on the priority list. But creating these habits can be as simple as flossing your teeth. Biweekly trips to the salon are pricey, time consuming and unnecessary. Care for your nails at home with these simple tips.
No-polish manicure
Dare to be bare. Natural manicured nails are the epitome of chic. It's like the no-makeup trend for your hands. People aspire to natural beauty. The ability to maintain healthy-looking nails is an underrated skill.
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Going natural isn't as easy as letting go. Proper maintenance is required to keep nails healthy and free of infection. It's surprising how easy one mis-step in your nail care routine can cause damage.
Green tea soak
The nutrients in green tea can be used for both internal and external benefits. Infusing warm water with a satchel of green tea offers antioxidants and vitamins necessary to keep nails strong. Adding fresh lemon juice gently whitens nails for a flawless look. Let the tea and juice bath cool before letting your nails soak for about 10 minutes. Rinse afterward and repeat two to three times per week depending on the results you seek.
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Overnight nail mask treatment
For a more extensive treatment, opt for an overnight mask with ingredients such as honey and grapeseed oil. Honey is known for moisturizing whereas grapeseed oil is rich with vitamins E and C, helping to preserve skin. Together, they create a sticky but nongreasy complex that keeps cuticles and nails hydrated. This is especially helpful in the winter. Mix and apply equal parts and secure the formula with a pair of rubber gloves. Sleep tight!
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Remove polish without staining skin
Sure, hot pink and decadent black are amazing polish color choices, but sometimes the mess these pigments leave behind isn't worth the fuss.
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To avoid staining, make sure your polish remover is 100 percent acetone. First, apply vaseline like a barrier around your nail. This will keep the pigment from leaking to your skin and will moisturize your cuticle in the meantime. Next, use an acetone-soaked cotton ball and rub within the barrier you created. Voila! Get the full tutorial here.
Fix a crack in your nail with a tea bag
Just when you think you've finally mastered healthy looking bare nails, a crack or tear appears. Did you know this tiny tragedy is totally fixable? Grab a tea bag and cut the cloth to fit your nail. Set that aside and apply a coat of clear polish. While wet, place the cloth piece over the crack with tweezers and press down to ensure contact. Trim any excess before applying another layer of clear polish. Allow that to dry before carefully buffing to create a smooth texture.
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Tea tree and olive oil soak
Shiny and strong nails are possible with a combination of tea tree and olive oil. Both are easily absorbed by your nail, restoring moisture and strength. A little bit goes a long way. Rub the mixture into nails rather than submerging them into a dish. Rinse after 10 to 15 minutes.
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Exfoliating brown sugar scrub
Exfoliating is just as important as moisturizing. Removing dead and dry skin creates access to fresh skin so that it can reap the benefits. Mix coconut oil, honey, brown sugar and a squeeze of lemon before massaging into your hands focusing on your nails, cuticles and any rough areas. This mixture provides moisture, whitening, nutrients and an abrasive texture to reveal luminous nails.
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Baking soda and lemon scrub for whitening nails
To focus on whitening alone, mix baking soda and lemon juice to create a scrub that gently exfoliates and lightens with concentration and care. Use a toothbrush to carefully work the scrub onto your nail plate. No need to let it sit; rinse and repeat as necessary.
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How to take care of your gel mani
Nail polish has come a long way, but even gel isn't life-proof. Gel manicures are known to last about two weeks. Avoid shortening that average – or extend it – by exercising care for your manicure.
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Daily tasks such as washing dishes and opening drink tabs can cause lifting, which results in chipped gel. Remembering a few tricks can help you easily avoid damaging your manicure and help keep it looking nice for a few more days.
How to paint your nails with gel polish
Save money and time by doing your own gel manicure. Along with all the other tips and remedies we've shared, you are fully capable of maintaining salon quality nails from the comfort of your own home!
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Performing your own gel manicure requires buying some tools and special polish but easily saves you money in the long run. Take your time, especially as you get used to the routine. It's like cooking with a recipe that soon becomes second nature. A few crucial tips include careful prep and making sure you don't apply any gel polish to your skin. This breaks the seal on your nail and causes lifting much sooner than you should expect. Get the full tutorial here.
How to properly remove gel polish at home
Some salons charge to remove gel polish, plus sometimes that trip just doesn't fit into your day. Removing gel, however, requires a bit more work than regular polish. Peeling and scraping can cause lasting damage.
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Pull up your latest binge show, pour a drink and gather a few tools to help this process go smoothly. Each step is crucial to safe removal, so take your time and relax while the acetone does the majority of the work. Get the full tutorial here.