How to apply a big glitter nail design

Now that winter is approaching, the weather is dreary and it gets darker earlier. If you’re already itching for spring, why not look for ways to add brightness to your style until the season makes its cyclical appearance? One way to do that is to play around with your nails by adding cheerier hues and eye-catching glitter.
Check out this video for creative ideas on how to brighten up your next manicure. All you need to get started are a few polishes and a tool to deposit the glitter onto your nails.
- Light pink gel nail polish
- Gel top coat
- Fine glitter dust powder
- Sponge stick eye shadow applicator
- Blending brush
- Gel base coat
- Big and colorful nail glitter
- Dotting tool
Fierce League
1. Apply the light pink gel polish to your nails and let dry.
2. Layer the gel top coat on top of the pink gel polish.
3. Distribute the fine glitter dust powder over each nail with the sponge stick eye shadow applicator. Next, use the blending brush to sweep off any excess powder.
4. Coat your nails with the gel base coat.
5. Strategically place the big glitter over your nails using the dotting tool. Go over each nail once more with the gel base coat.
6. Seal off the design using the gel top coat, then cure your nails under a UV or LED lamp.